Top 10 Outdoor Family Activities for Fall



Ah, the cool breeze, crisp air, changing colors. Fall is our favorite time of the year! Whether its smores by the campfire or picking leaves for a collage, there are many ways to engage your children in some outdoor fun. Here are some creative ideas right in your backyard to get you started!

  1. Head to the pumpkin patch.

This one is a no brainer, they’re on every corner in the fall. But why not take a scenic drive out of the city and find rustic hay rides and hot apple cider.  A relaxing weekend afternoon of picking your favorite pumpkin will be a joyful activity for the whole family.

  1. Get out your mountain bikes.

If its clear out and the trails are dry, the weather is just cool enough to enjoy fall on an easy ride through the woods. Take your helmets and a backpack full of snacks or make a picnic to take to a remote location. I can smell the pine no

     3. Build a campfire.

You don’t have to trek to the woods, you can do this in your own backyard! You know the smell of a fresh wood fire… Feels like home, so why not make yours there? Get an outdoor fire pit and enlist your kids’ help in picking firewood from fallen trees at the local park. Try to make it by hand with a survival kit (no lighter fluid allowed!)

  1. Make smores.

Of course, if you’re going to build a fire, it wouldn’t be complete without smores! This is one of our personal favorites. Fall just wouldn’t be the same without that oooy goooy taste of roasted marshmallow sitting on a bed of melted chocolate. If the weather gets yucky, you can still make them in the oven for that outdoor feeling.

  1. Take photos.

Dust off that camera. Take your family for a nature walk through the eye of the photo lens. Look for birds, leaves, rocks, clouds. They will see outdoors in a way they never have before. Make a photo contest out of the activity for best family photo, most unique, hardest to guess image.

  1. Hammock camp.

Go for today’s version of building a tent in the backyard! String up a couple of hammocks between the trees behind your home. Get your binoculars ready for spectacular star gazing. Or better yet, grab a flashlight, your favorite snacks and some spooky camp stories. The kids will laugh all through the night.

  1. Rent a weekend cabin.

Let’s face it, not all of us like putting up a tent or sleeping on the ground. Take a quick weekend break and breathe the fresh air glamping style. Grab some quick groceries, your fishing poles and your favorite board games and unplug at the nearest lake or river.

  1. Go for a hike.

Take out your boots! Not your snow boots or your cowboy boots… The ones that take you off the beaten path. Get the kids involved in searching online for the best trail and then head out. Whether it is for an hour or a day, a walk in the brisk air can refresh the spirit and mind.

  1. Start a science experiment.

Discover all the different pigments in fall leaves! Show your children how chlorophyll or the absence of gives leaves beautiful colors in a variety of shades. Head to your local park and have the kids choose leaves from different trees. A little rubbing alcohol is all you need get started.

  1. Do a scavenger hunt.

Make your very own challenge. Drive out to a park or campground and create clues using GPS coordinates. Have the kids pair up and use their phones as locators or go off grid with compasses for a fun activity. A prize at the end can be motivating for children to do something different outdoors.